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Scents that evoke treasured moments

Creating custom perfume to evoke treasured moments

Listening to stories, and blending scents to evoke those treasured moments.

That’s one of my favourite things to do. You hear the happiness in their voice, or the longing because they miss someone too much. There’s rarely any anger, because who wants a scent to remind them of bad times!

My favourite ones to date are the bittersweet moments. They may seem more bitter than sweet at first, but over time it becomes so intertwined, you can’t have one without the other.
Some scents are created to evoke treasured moments, others are created to complement them. This particular fragrance is for a  lady who’s always got a smile on, and a laugh ready. She’s always got a million things to do, so we’re creating a fragrance for her rare moments alone. It’s fresh, soft, and lasting, to remind her that she’s very loved <3

Essential oils for haze-filled days

Natural face mists with essential oils for the haze

It happens every year. The sky turns white to grey, and the air starts smelling like smoke. It’s become a regular conversation topic over meals, social media, at meetings… The haze is back. What’s the PSI today? Doesn’t it smell terrible… Do you wanna go on a quick trip? (The last one is always me :D)

 So how do you live with the haze? Aside from feeling miserable whenever it happens, most of us invest in air purifiers, masks, and stay home as much as we can. It’s depressing. Smells bad. But hey, it does make the days with clear skies smell so good!

Living with the haze has also become my excuse for better skincare. All that pollution, my poor skin!

First up is face mists. To hydrate, protect, and simply smell better. Why choose smoky air over lavender and geranium? It’s not even a choice. There’s also the bi-weekly face masks and face oils. For the body – scrubs and oils to make dull skin fresh and glowing.

If you’re filling up your beauty bag, use HAZEOFF for 20% off our By Hummingbird Apothecary face mists. Natural essential oils blended with almond oil, vegetable glycerin witch hazel, and Vitamin E. We’ve got something for everyone – from uplifting citrus scents with Mandarin and Palmarosa, to earthier choices with Lemongrass and Vetiver.Take your pick here.