We do not remember days, we remember moments - Cesare Pavese

Scent Library offers aromatherapy goods that fit seamlessly into a life filled with meaning and fulfilment. We believe that less is more, and always choose quality over quantity. From customising natural perfumes that evoke your treasured moments, to handcrafting the freshest goods in small batches, we love all the fine details that go into creating a personal item that you can spend every day with.

The signature brand under Scent Library, By Hummingbird Apothecary goods are crafted using the highest quality ingredients from sustainable growers in Australia, Europe and the US. No artificial ingredients, paraben-free, vegan friendly. Walk with us on our slow living journey, and stock-up on life’s pleasures here at our store.

How it started

Scent Library started in 2010 with three friends curating fragrances that resonated with special moments in our lives. 

Floral and citrus, woody or herbaceous, each scent spoke to us in different ways. Of stormy relationships, spur-of-the-moment travels, quiet nights alone, and the frantic race to meet school and work deadlines. 

Scent Library became a small collection of home and body fragrances from independent boutiques in Australia, New Zealand and the US. Every fragrance reminded us of a different moment in time, and we wanted our customers to enjoy the same experience with our fragrances.

We've changed over the last few years, and so has Scent Library.


From curator to authorship

By Hummingbird Apothecary grew from a desire to remember our journey together. I've never been able to keep a regular journal, even our photographs aren't organised (there's another project!). There's a nagging fear that someday, we'll turnaround and realise there are holes in our memories, and empty spots in our hearts.

We instinctively associate different smells with significant moments in our lives. That's just how our brain works. The connection is often instantaneous - we smell, and our brain sends us a flood of memories.

It’s a conditioned response that starts when we smell a new scent, and link it to a moment or a person. Many of us have a vast mental library of smells linked to events or people.

That’s where By Hummingbird Apothecary comes in. A treasure trove of scents to trigger your favourite memories, and customised fragrances that we hope you’ll come to associate with your best moments in life.


Finding a suitable scent, is like finding yourself

By Hummingbird fragrances are created from natural ingredients, sourced from respected suppliers based in Australia, Europe, and the US. We use therapeutic grade essential oils - the finest quality for the most beautiful scents and aromatherapy benefits.

All our products are handmade in small batches to ensure freshness. They don't sit on shelves for weeks or months, waiting for someone to place an order. We don't use synthetic preservatives to extend their shelf life either. They are designed to be used fresh, so that you benefit the most from the natural, premium quality ingredients. 

No preservatives or synthetics. Paraben free. Vegan friendly.

Each collection from By Hummingbird Apothecary has three main fragrances available in a several products. Starting with a body polish, body serum, and face mist, we plan to add perfume oils, perfume sprays, and other home and body products in the future. 

Customised scents are available as well. As variations on the three main fragrances, or to be created individually over a three-step consultation process.

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