Natural aromatherapy skincare samples
{ By Hummingbird } Apothecary

Fragrance Samples

Little vials of liquid gold.

Our fragrance samples come as body serum for a more intense fragrance.

Hug Me Close - an uplifting citrus scent with woody undertones

Your lover's scent that lulls you to sleep when you're apart, "I missed you" welcome back hugs.

Take a deep breath, and let the sweet, tangy scent of mandarin lift your heart - it's hard missing someone you love, but there's lots to see and so much to do! Luxuriate in some personal time, and let the warm, floral and earthy blend of palmarosa and patchouli envelop you like a lover's hug.

Talk All Night - a warm, floral fragrance with a smoky finish

Late night dates and long, soul-baring conversations.

You can't bear to part, the longing etches every moment in memory. With each breath, you taste the crisp, midnight air mixed with the lingering scent of smoky tobacco and soft, warm floral perfume.

Take Me Home - a comforting, herbaceous and woody scent 

Late night dates and the slow drive home. Comfortable silence between a couple in love, fingers entwined while you listen to favourite songs. 

The cool and crisp night air is scented with dewy leaves, mixed with the earthy fragrance of lemongrass, herbaceous thyme and rosemary, floral and woody rosewood, rose geranium and vetiver. It's a warm and comforting scent for two lovers facing the world together.