Rio de Janeiro (Passionfruit & Lime) Diffuser
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Rio de Janeiro (Passionfruit & Lime) Diffuser

Think flamboyant street parades accompanied by wild music and lots of laughter. Rio de Janeiro captures the spirit of Brazil, with exotic scents of ripe Passionfruit, Lime, Raspberry and Orange, to give your senses an instant lift.

Glasshouse Triple Strength Fragrance Diffusers deliver a generous scent and are available in two sizes to suit a variety of spaces in your home; 250ml which last up to three months, and 500ml which last up to six months. All Glasshouse products are made in Australia.

Tip: Glasshouse Diffusers make wonderful room sprays by decanting the fragrance into an empty spray bottle. When your Fragrance Diffuser runs out, place the reeds in your linen cupboard to scent your sheets and towels.

Use With: Rio de Janeiro candle

Fragrance Description:

Top: Passionfruit, Lime
Middle: Raspberry, Orange
Base: Rose, Melon

Scent Family: Fruity

*IMPORTANT: This product can only be delivered within Singapore at the moment*